Aircraft Structures and Systems
Third Edition

Eur Ing R Wilkinson BTech CEng MRAeS

ISBN 978-0-9540734-6-6

Price £24.95 paperback, 320pp

Aircraft Structures and Systems cover pictureA straightforward yet comprehensive introduction to airframes and aircraft systems. Taking a non-mathematical approach throughout, the book encourages an interest in the form and function of an aircraft and identifies the reasons for the major differences between various types of aircraft. It gives students a thorough understanding of the many system that are necessary to allow an aircraft to operate efficiently.

The book begins with the reasons for the external shape of aircraft, continuing through the loads experienced, the structures required to support these loads, and the materials and manufacturing techniques required to produce these structures. It then looks at each major component of aircraft in more detail describing the internal structure and major design features. The function and composition of major aircraft systems, from hydraulics to avionics, are described, including a complete chapter on missile systems and an extensive description of aircraft cockpits and their equipment.

A major revision has been made for this edition, including a chapter on unmanned air systems and another on regulation, certification and safety. The sections on electrics and hydraulics have now been expanded to full chapters.


Aircraft Structures and Systems is written for those studying first- or second-year undergraduate and HND courses in aerospace engineering and technology degrees, and aeronautical options on HND courses in mechanical engineering. It is also useful reading for students on Air Training Corps courses, trainee pilots and for aerospace technician apprentices.

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