Biographical details

R H Barnard PhD, MPhil, BSc, CEng, FRAeS

Started his career as an undergraduate aeronautical engineering apprentice at Handley Page Ltd.
Held various academic appointments, and became a Principal Lecture at the University of Hertfordshire.
Currently working on a research contract on road vehicle aerodynamics funded by Jaguar Cars.
Consultant to numerous companies, including Rolls-Royce Bentley.

Other books

Aircraft Flight, (with D R Philpott), 2nd Ed., Longman, ISBN 0-582-23656-8
Mechanics of Flight (with D R Philpott and A C Kermode) 10th Ed., Longman, ISBN 0-582-23740-8
An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design, (co-author), edited by J Happian-Smith, Butterworth Heinemann, ISBN 0-750-65044-3

C.M.Jefferson and R.H.Barnard, Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion, WIT Press, Southampton, 2002, ISBN 1-85312-887-2.

bulletResearch Papers on Vehicle Aerodynamics