Biographical details

Eur Ing R Wilkinson BTech CEng MRAeS MSEE

Started his career as an environmental engineer at British Aerospace Dynamics (now MBDA), later Project Co-ordinator, with responsibility for ensuring that various weapon systems functioned correctly in the harsh operational environment.
Joined the University of Hertfordshire as a Senior Lecturer in Aircraft Structural Design, now Principal Lecturer in Aircraft Design and Rocket Propulsion..
Also teaches Reliability and Logistics Engineering, both to undergraduates and to companies through short courses, and Rocket Propulsion to final-year students. Researching into improving the performance of hybrid rocket motors, and has been a rocketry consultant for a number of TV programmes.
Consultancy on reliability and environmental engineering matters.

Rewrote the Air Cadet training manual (ACP) on Airframes for Headquarters Air Cadets, now used as the core text by all squadrons, from which Aircraft Structures and Systems was derived.

Former officer with the Air Training Corps, having commanded Luton (10F) and Luton Airport (2492) Squadrons.