Road Vehicle Aerodynamic Design
Third Edition    NEW

R H Barnard PhD CEng FRAeS

ISBN 978-0-9540734-7-3

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Road Vehicle Aerodynamic Design cover pictureProvides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of road vehicle aerodynamics for students, practising automotive engineers, designers, and anyone with a general interest in the subject.

Much of the descriptive material should be understandable by readers with no formal background in the subject. It does however contain enough technical detail to make it suitable for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Although the approach is largely non-mathematical, key equations and formulae are provided, and there is a large amount of data and design guidance. The text is supported by 80 photographs and over 150 diagrams.


  1. Understanding airflows
  2. Drag and lift forces
  3. The influence of aerodynamics on economy and performance
  4. The aerodynamic design of family cars
  5. Commercial vehicles
  6. Racing cars and other high-performance vehicles
  7. Internal airflows: ventilation, heating, air conditioning and noise
  8. Internal comfort, heating air-conditioning and noise
  9. Open cabriolets
  10. Vehicles in cross winds
  11. Wind tunnel and road testing
  12. Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) methods


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